Nikki not only does an amazing job in guiding people through different Qi Gong forms and postures, but she also does it with grace, warmth, and insight. I highly recommend her style of teaching to anyone who wishes to connect more deeply with their mind, body, and spirit.” – Josh L.


“You have a wonderful smile bursting with gorgeous sunshine as you teach. It’s contagious! Your vitality and fabulous enthusiasm showed how much you love teaching Qigong. It was a pleasure being your student.” – Eileen Hoyt, Qigong instructor,


Nikki’s teaching is joyful, inspiring and wise. She has a simple and very effective way of transmitting her knowledge and the Qigong movements to her students. Her teaching left me feeling open, energized and calm, as well as inspired to practice the Qigong methods taught. Nikki is a gifted teacher. ” – Ellen Petersen, Qigong teacher,


“Nikki is an outstanding qigong teacher, embodying the spirit of the practice and conveying it effortlessly to those participating. Her commitment and enthusiasm are contagious and a joy to behold.” – Michael Gregory, Psychotherapist, Qigong teacher


“When you do this practice with Nikki, she really helps you awaken your Qi power and connect with the happiness and healing that the Master Key essential practices provides. Nikki’s excitement when she teaches the concepts behind the movement patterns and how we can work with energy cultivation is really felt by all who have an opportunity to share and learn with her. Nikki is a dose of good Qi!” – Deborah Jackson, Personal Trainer/Dancer,


“Nikki has the ability to feel ones Qi and notice both strengths and deficiencies in the Qi field. Nikki is a true Qi Gong practitioner.”– Michael DelGreco